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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Oduho Married An Educated Woman after His Tribal Wife Died

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…The emergence of African women has caused little discernible reaction among African men, although the males often discuss the relative merits of traditional girls and modern girls as wives. Joseph Oduho, a Southern Sudanese rebel-organization official, recently (in Uganda late 1960s-early 1970s of the last century) married an educated woman (Agnes Kwaje Losuba) after his tribal wife (Margaret Ikanga) died. He says: "My former wife couldn't read or write. She spent her time in the kitchen with the children. She would choose a new wife for me, and she knew how to cure me if I was sick. I could lie to her, and it didn't matter. She was simple, but she understood me. My new wife is a college graduate. She won't let me have another wife. I can't lie to her because she knows when I'm lying, and she is not afraid to tell me so. Part of her life is her own. My old wife devoted her entire life to me..."

(Note: Madam Agnes divorced Oduho in 1983 (of the last century) in a public court. The disagreement was believed to be partly because the late Oduho had – in 1983 – supported the unity of South Sudan, whilst Madam Agnes supported the forces of re-division of southern Sudan into three provinces otherwise known as “FORCES OF KOKORA”, which in Madam Agnes’ language means “Re-division;” and partly because Oduho had told her that he was to become part of a new rebel resistance movement (SPLM/A). Madam Agnes is currently an active SPLM/A member; having worked at the SPLM/A London’s Chapter Offices. She is currently a Minister in the Government of South Sudan).

New Gender Minister Chosen in S. Sudan Cabinet Reshuffle
Juba, June 2, 2009
By Isaac Vuni

As part of a major reshuffling of his cabinet, the President of Southern Sudan Salva Kiir Mayardit today appointed Hon. Agnes Kwaje Lasuba from Central Equatoria State as minister of Gender, Social Welfare and Religious Affairs, effective from June 2, 2009. Hon. Lasuba is a career teacher who had been the chairperson of Regional and International Cooperation in the Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly. She is the former wife of late Joseph Oduho, a founding member of SPLM/A. Delighted, Hon. Abut described Lasuba's appointment as being very important for creating unity among the marginalized Sudanese voters particularly in Southern Sudan…

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