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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Gen. Abboud (1958-1964): The Policies of Entanglement… and Reshaping Southern Image

By Mawien Makol Arik

By 1960 to 1962, after a serious of strikes, hundreds of students, administrators, and ex-MPs fled the Country to avoid arrests. A good number of them went to the neighboring countries, but some went directly to the bush. The year 1963, saw the emergence of a more effective Southern political organization in exile against the regime of General Abboud. In 1960, a large scale migration began out of Equatoria into Uganda and the Congo. Leading educated Southerners and ex-parliamentarians fled the Country.

These exile groups organized themselves into a political resistant movement against the Regime; firstly as Sudan Christian Association to Sudan African Closed Districts National Union (SACDNU). Financial and moral support was given by the churches.
SACDNU's leading members were:

1. Joseph H. Oduho, ex-MP (president) 2. Marko Rume, ex-MP (vice president) 3. William Deng Nhial ex-assistant District Commissioner, Kapoeta (secretary-general) 4. Saturino Lohure ex-MP and president of liberal party, ( member) 5. Ferdinand Adiang ex-MP (member) 6. James Wek Athian ex-MP (member) 7. Pancriaso Ocheng ex-Mp (treasurer) 8. Valerio Oregat (treasurer) 9. Aggrey Jaden ex-assistant District Commissioner, Wau (deputy secretary-general) 10. Akout Atem Mawien ( member) 11. Alexis Mbali Yango (member) 12. Philip Pedak Lueth (member) 13. Nathanial Oyet (member) 14. Basia Renzi ex-chief, (member).

SACDNU's activities consisted mainly on petitioning the United Nations, supplying information on the events in the South to Journalists and organizations, and assisting the refugees. In 1963, SACDNU's name was changed to SANU.

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